Daily Diary: Monday, August 9, 2010

Today, our activities and discussion focused on Bijlmermeer, a former ghetto in the south-east of Amsterdam.  We began our morning meeting at 8:30, as per usual, but as it had been a few days since our last scheduled early morning activity, I and many of my comrades seemed a bit out-of-sorts.  Nonetheless, we listened attentively … Continue reading

Beginning of Map Infrastructure

Here is the beginning of our google maps infrastructure:

Response to Rachel and Jenny

I think you guys already have pretty good handle on what needs to get done for you to achieve your goals with this project and you have a realistic view of your limitations. I think you’re right that you will have to limit your interviews to English-speaking tourists (unless you can somehow find someone willing … Continue reading

Research Question Update

Colin already mentioned this on his blog, but as a result of our initial question being far too broad, we decided to scrap the drug and prostitution elements (which, quite honestly, comes as a bit of a relief since their inclusion was a bit contrived in the first place) in favor of focusing on the … Continue reading

Assignment 3: Decisions, Decisions

For our research in Amsterdam, I will be working with Ben Johnson and Colin Ip, and we will be broadly studying the role of healthcare within the urban culture of Amsterdam.  I have not decided whether I would like to personally focus on how the dietary restrictions and other spiritual activities of Amsterdam’s various religious … Continue reading

Assignment Two: Wandering the Blogosphere in Search of a Space of Spaces

According to the standard “accepted” way of finding something online, I immediately jumped on google and typed in, rather specifically, “Amsterdam urban space blog.” This yielded nothing, and so I tried numerous shorter combinations of the words, even “architecture”, in my original search.  This however, also yielded nothing special until I tried “urban spaces blog.”  … Continue reading

Assignment Zero

This first image jumped out at me for a few reasons.  The first is the close proximity of the streetcar to the street-side businesses and the people in between.  At first, this may not seem so strange, but having lived in Seattle for my entire life, I can’t think of another place where I’ve seen … Continue reading